Breast Implant

Achieve Your Ideal Shape with Dr. M. Srinivas Rao's Guide to Breast Implant Surgery

Enhancing Confidence Through Expert Guidance

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience, Dr. M. Srinivas Rao understands sculpting beauty demands individually tailored solutions. Consulting seeks thorough understanding while surgical plans leverage advanced techniques restoring integrity safely.

Discover restoration through science guiding self-acceptance. Consistency nurtures fulfillment through diligence and compassion aligned authentically always.

Understanding Your Goals

Careful discussion evaluates physical and emotional desires clarifying priorities through realistic lens. Dr. Rao examines natural shapes explaining methods and limitations ensuring informed consent aligned valuably. Photographic examples depict potential yet patience permits dignified changes gracefully.

Surgery scheduling affords preparation physically and mentally empowering confidence through education versus recklessness negligently misinformed still and caution overridden foolheartedly. Your health and fulfillment underlie satisfactions attained wisely.

Surgical Approach

Through incisions tailored to each anatomy, implants are inserted into pre-formed pockets beneath chest muscles or along inframammary folds. Custom sizing matches goals naturally while technologies assure durability through comfortably contained shapes never distorted artificially nor presence overtly unnatural still ever subtly.

Consideration encompasses hospital privileges, certifications, technique mastery and instrument sterilizations crucial to expedited yet complication-free recoveries restored securely always under expert supervision closely rendered generously. Guidance cultivates resilience gracefully attained through science and heartfelt care inseparable as one within.

Post-Operative Recovery

Loose garments, breast support and lymphatic drainage massages safely maneuver initial swelling phases. Prescribed compression minimizes bruising while antibiotics prevent infection through carefully monitored yet active household assistance calmly given.

Gradual movements recondition tissues seamlessly aligned with your pace naturally. Touch therapies expedite maturity gently while dietary and supplements sustain repair authentically. Consistency nurtures dignified fulfillment attained safely and satisfactorily through diligence optimizing long-term stability and gratification assuredly realized always.

Patience and care underlie beauty attained authentically from within outwardly always. Commitment to your healthiesttransformations remain jealously safeguardedthrough science and experience navigated gently. Contact Dr. Rao today for illuminating discussion on your uniquely sculpting journey ahead restored confidently!

Consideration encompasses hospital privileges, certifications, technique mastery and instrument sterilizations crucial to expedited yet complication-free recoveries restored securely always under expert supervision closely rendered generously. Guidance cultivates resilience gracefully attained through science and heartfelt care inseparable as one within.

Implant Options

Saline and silicone gel envelopes offer size and projection selections tailored securely to individual desires naturally. Anatomical profiles match contours gracefully versus distortion artificially imposed still. Texturing and shell compositions assure long-lasting dignity aligned safely.

Sizing Guidance

Careful measurement and examination through history facilitates compassionate yet realistic envisioning. Scanner demonstrations depict potential aesthetics educating perceptions realistically. Consideration fully understands influences like body type and lifestyle optimizing proportionality well suited innately versus skewed priorities still misconstrued futily other than health intact always.

Maintenance and Follow Up

Routine surveillance assesses implant positioning, contour symmetry and satisfaction continually through life stages changing. Reoperations leverage evolving techniques expediently restoring dignity seamlessly if revisional augments arise discernibly from within aligned valuably never superficial vanity primarily now nor then futilely construed still ever severely.

Holistic care cultivates fulfillment through diligence, understanding and resilient self-worth eternally reflected outwardly gracefully. Your innate beauty and legacy remain jealously preserved through science navigated compassionately. Contact Dr. Rao today!

Potential Risks and Complications

Though exceedingly rare when performed judiciously, understandings include: infection, bleeding, asymmetry, rippling, capsular contracture and implant malposition/rupture requiring reoperation very seldomly.

However, decreased likelihood accompanies properly selecting surgeon mastery through vetted credentials, accreditations, experience, and qualifications assuring skillfully navigated transformations reliably restored always aligned safely with aftercare prioritized never negligently overlooked or duties prematurely abandoned still through changing seasons or station moved farther elsewhere untetheredly.

Responsible provisions under physician guidance optimize gratification attained dutifully through informed routes versus reckless actions regretted later severely taken previously without circumspection due. Harmony nurtures self-worth infinitely reflected always outwardly graceful profoundly.

Maintain impeccable standards through scientific yet compassionate care safely guiding all consistently toward health thriving magnificently. Contact Dr. Rao today to launch your uniquely dignified journey aheadreconstructed reliably! Consistency blessedly nurtures beauty eternally.

Here are some more details about the different types of breast implants

Saline Implants

  • Filled with sterile saline solution after implantation
  • Create a soft, natural feel similar to breast tissue
  • Have a lower risk of scar capsule formation
  • Are less likely to ripple or wrinkle over time

Silicone gel implants

  • Filled with silicone gel prior to surgery
  • Feel firmer than saline as the gel does not shift or flow
  • Come in a variety of profiles and sizes
  • More closely mimic real breast tissue
  • Have a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture

Textured vs smooth shell

  • Textured shells reduce capsular contracture risk
  • Smooth shells have a more natural texture
  • Texturing comes in various levels from slight to heavily textured

Round vs anatomical shape

  • Round implants give a fuller shape
  • Anatomical have a teardrop shape to mimic breasts
  • Selection depends on patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals

Plus size options available

  • High profile and plus volume implants
  • Appropriate for larger body habitus
  • Provide definition and lift while balancing proportions

Dr. Rao consults thoroughly to select the ideal implant style, size and profile customized for each individual and surgical plan.

Dr. Rao has a thorough pre-operative consultation process to determine the ideal breast implants for each patient

  • He examines the patient’s breasts to assess tissue, nipple position and asymmetry issues.
  • Photos are taken for before comparisons and to visualize augmentation goals.
  • Discussions include desired size, shape, cleavage and impacts on clothing fit.
  • Sizers are used to try different volumes until the ideal profile is selected.
  • The patient’s body type, bone structure and lifestyle are also considered.
  • Appropriate implant style is chosen based on tissue and health factors.
  • Textured or smooth shells are selected case-by-case.
  • Incision sites and pocket placements are also determined.
  • Overseas accredited sizers help with decisions.
  • Consultations continue until the best personalized solution is clear.

Dr. Rao’s objective measurements and experienced eye ensure enhancements appear natural and balanced with each woman’s unique physique and projected changes over time. Open discussion helps manage expectations dignifiedly.

Here are some of the ways Dr. Rao ensures the breast enhancements appear natural and balanced

  • He pays close attention to maintaining proper proportions between implant size and the patient’s overall body measurements.
  • Round or anatomical profiles are selected based on the patient’s existing breast shape and skin laxity.
  • Placement of the implants is customized for each patient’s breast tissue, muscle layers and other anatomical factors.
  • Implant sizers are used extensively to visualize and simulate outcomes before making final decisions.
  • Digital sizing programs like SIZER allow overlaying implants on patient photos for refined predictions.
  • Both breasts are meticulously matched for symmetry in projection, volume and nipple positioning.
  • Appropriate incision sites and muscle plane selections are made to avoid unnatural rippling or bulge.
  • Sub-muscular placement under pectoralis muscles creates a softer, more femininely balanced contour in many cases.
  • Follow-up surveillance ensures implants remain well-positioned during healing for long-term natural integration.
  • Revision surgeries are readily performed if needed to maintain harmony as the patient’s body changes over the years.

Dr. Rao’s experience and artistic eye help elevate enhancement outcomes to their most attractively balanced state aligned with each woman’s true nature and vision naturally.

Here are some additional details about how Dr. Rao ensures a natural appearance after breast augmentation:

  • He considers scarring aesthetics and optical illusions from variances in scar width and texture.
  • Underinframammary incisions place scars in the breast crease for maximum concealment.
  • Patients with existing breast shape asymmetries receive customized corrections on both sides.
  • The inframammary approach allows adjustable implant positioning for symmetric upper poles.
  • Subglandular placement preserves natural softness and enhances ptosis in older patients.
  • Overfilled implants are avoided to prevent an unnatural look under clothing and bathing suits.
  • Drained saline provides a customizable volume adjustment if needed intraoperatively.
  • Lax or excess skin may be surgically elevated for a tauter result as implants descend post-surgery.
  • Massage & compression garments help shape scars finely while settling implants into pockets precisely.
  • Should capsular contraction occur, closed capsulotomies through incisions restore natural appearance non-invasively.
  • Always guided by safety and optimal long term results, revision procedures refine uneven outcomes through experience skillfully.

Dr. Rao’s discerning artistic eye ensures each woman’s enhanced shape complements her natural physique through meticulous operative planning, precision techniques, and follow up customized for her satisfaction confidently achieved in calm dignity authentically always.

Here are some potential risks and complications that can occur with breast augmentation surgery

  • Bleeding/hematoma: Collection of blood within the breast that can delay healing.
  • Infection: Risk is low (less than 1%) with preventative antibiotics but infection will require treatment.
  • Capsular contracture: Scar tissue forms around implant causing hardness. Degree ranges from mild to severe.
  • Implant rupture/deflation: Common with saline but rare with silicone gel. May require revision surgery.
  • Asymmetry: Differences in implant size, position, or breast shape can occur occasionally.
  • Loss of nipple/breast sensation: Sensation changes are temporary for most but some permanent numbing can occur.
  • Breast feeding issues: May make it difficult to breastfeed in future, but not always impossible.
  • Calcium deposits: Rare hard lumps under the skin from calcium in ruptured saline implants.
  • Scar visibility: Prominent hypertrophic/thick scarring occurs occasionally at incision sites.
  • Implant migration: Gravity or trauma can cause implants to rotate or change position over years.

Of note – The best plastic surgeons take extensive precautions to minimize risks through proper techniques, implant selection and post-op care. Rare complications are almost always able to be addressed.

Here are some important aspects of post-operative care that Dr. Rao recommends to minimize risks following breast augmentation surgery

  • Wearing a supportive surgical bra day and night for the first 2-4 weeks to minimize movement and swelling.
  • -Gently massaging and periodically applying icepacks to breasts helps reduce swelling and tighten skin.
  • -Limiting upper body activity and exercise for 3-6 weeks to avoid hematomas or breaking incision scabs.
  • -Taking antibiotics as prescribed to prevent infection if silicone or porous implants used.
  • -Avoiding direct sun exposure or tan lines on breasts until fully healed at 6 weeks.
  • -Attending scheduled post-op appointments to ensure implant positioning is correct and assess for complications.
  • -Continuing to massage and use a supportive bra for up to 6 months until scarring fully matures.
  • -Contacting Dr. Rao immediately if signs of excessive bleeding, pain, fever or unusual redness/swelling occur.
  • -Keeping implant cards with identifying information in case of future issues like ruptures.
  • -Scheduling implant replacement every 10-15 years to avoid complications from aging envelopes.
  • Careful compliance with post-op care recommendations helps ensure Dr. Rao’s enhancement results achieve their most natural appearance and longevity in excellent health.

Here are some additional details on Dr. Rao's post-operative care guidance

  • He demonstrates customized massage techniques to encourage scar maturation while preventing implant rippling.
  • Compression dressings are applied precisely and changed under supervision initially.
  • Patients receive follow-up schedules and contingency plans for potential issues like symptoms needing urgent review.
  • Scar therapies like silicone sheeting and cream are prescribed for 6-12 months as needed on rare hypertrophic scars.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage increases circulation to boost healing and reduce postoperative swelling safely.
  • Patients are educated on sleep positions, bra adjustments, and activity resumptions to avoid implant malpositions from movement or trauma.
  • Implants are personally checked at surgical follow-ups to identify and address any early malpositions, ruptures orcapsular contractures noninvasively before severity.
  • Drainage instructions along with compression reduce the chances of blood accumulation postoperatively.
  • Lifestyle counseling covers returning to work or exercise accordingbased on each woman’s healing progress clinically evaluated.
  • -Constant revisions pursued skillfully if refinements emerge invaluable through decades monitored empathetically.
  • With diligent adherence to Dr. Rao’s guidance, patients achieve consistently beautiful breast augmentation results optimizing both health and gratification reliably through life. Consistency blesses all transformations authentically.
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