Breast Lift

Restore Your Confidence Through Dr. Rao's Expert Breast Lift Surgery

Rejuvenating Your Appearance Safely Through Experience

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon with decades refining techniques, Dr. M. Srinivas Rao understands restoring breast shape demands intricate solutions customized through compassion. Consulting evaluates physical and emotional desires clarifying priorities aligned realistically and never recklessly imposed acutely still.

Discover fulfillment through dignified transformations attained patiently under expert guidance. Science and care intertwine as one integrated braiding beautifully your journey ahead reconstructed appreciably.

Evaluating Your Goals and Anatomy

Photo examinations depict natural breast structure facilitating discussion on imbalances like drooping, creasing or deflation potentially resolved judiciously. Dr. Rao describes elevating round, anchor or lollipop patterns meticulously tailored elevating contours versus approaches neglecting subtleties futilely adopted still curiously or otherwise audaciously improvised amateurishly potentially severely ensuingly regretfully.

Consideration evaluates skin elasticity, nipple position, proportions balanced, luggage tolerances practically and stability wherein natural variance within normal still defined never severely anomalous contrived unhealthily nor artificially yet dignified fulfillment prioritized prudently through education empowering lived confidently!

Surgical Technique

Through incisions tailored beautifully, excess skin and tissue are resected judiciously elevating breasts restored youthfully. Custom suturing positions nipples symmetrically while imbricating dermal layers reconstitute fullness naturally versus distortion imposed crudely still elsewhere audaciously or through media misguidance overtly now or covertly later.

Strategic undermining and reshaping subtly reconstitute curves balanced attractively aligned with your visions authentically never superficial vanity solely now nor superficial metrics primarily still constraining dignified womanhood within nor misaligned aspirations futilely guiding naively unfulfilled subsequently bitterly potentially. Considerately ponder all factors holistically!

Implant Augmentation Coordinated Subtly

For select cases, gentlemen silicone implants paired judiciously beneath pectoralis muscles complement deflation addressed attractively. Volume matched sensitively avoids unnatural overfullness tactfully realized, and sizing coordinated beautifully restores youthful perkiness authentically never exaggeratedly nor disproportionately imposing vanity primarily through imbalance unhealthily still ever severely misaligned overtly.

Appropriate candidates receive caring guidance toward options through realistic yet compassionate discussion illuminating all judiciously. Fulfillment remains the priority through care, education and self acceptance nurtured always intrinsically first outwardly reflected gracefully! Ponder consistently and circumspectly, beloved patient guided artfully.

Post-Operative Recovery and Follow Up

Loose garments and bra protect sculpted curves healing optimally aligned efficiently with nature through rehabilitation phased actively guided yet judiciously never recklessly imposed nor prematurely fully resumed still ever dangerously or vanity primarily established dangerously above balanced health always prioritized prudently through science and heart aligned as one entwined guideline beautifully your journey ahead reconstructed appreciably!

Routine surveillance assesses reshaping settled attractively and stability assured through decades delicately sculpted gracefully. Gratification underlies beauty attained eternally through diligence optimizing all intrinsically fulfilled wisely! Contact Dr. Rao today, your artist and confidant skillfully guiding transformations attained authentically through understanding!

Achieving Your Vision Naturally

Restoration through surgical artistry paired with lifestyle mastery cultivates dignified fulfillment attained beautifully always. Persistence nurtures thriving gracefully attained intrinsically first reflected outwardly forever! Consult Dr. Rao to embark confidently on your healing journey uniquely guided expertly lifelong treasured eternally.

Care, wisdom and experience intertwine inextricably empowering beauty through health magnificently always. Consistent compassion underlies transformations attained authentically and intricate understanding empowers dignified womanhood eternally outwardly reflected!

Here are some additional details about post-operative recovery after breast lift surgery with Dr. Rao:

  • Supportive surgical bra worn day/night for 4-6 weeks to support healing breasts and minimize swelling.

    -Gentle breast massages performed daily using scarring creams to mature incisions and shape tissues finely.

    -Lymphatic drainage massage given in clinic to diminish edema formed postoperatively safely.

    -Drainage instructions followed along with compression bandages to prevent hematomas.

    -Low impact exercises initiated by 6 weeks like walking while high impact resumed by 12 weeks.

    -Work clearances provided based on healing assessments and physical job demands accordingly.

    -Sutures/staples removed at 1st post-op visit, 10-14 days following surgery.

    -Bruising and swelling resolves mostly by 2 weeks while stiffness fades over next month.

    -Full recovery to normal activities may take 2-3 months with supportive bra used for 6 months.

    -Scar therapies applied for 1 year to achieve optimal cosmesis while breast reshaping settles fully.

    -Follow-up checks ensure symmetry, drainage, contouring and sensations are satisfactory consistently.

Dr. Rao’s guidance empowers each woman to return to daily life confidently through her uniquely rebuilding phase supported diligently and dignifiedly.

Here are some potential post-operative complications after breast lift surgery:

  • Bleeding/hematoma: Collection of blood that delays healing and may require drainage. Risk is low.
  • Infection: Possible but less than 1% when using antibiotics as prescribed. Can be treated with oral antibiotics.
  • Nipple/breast sensation changes: Minor to moderate numbness is common initially but sensitivity returns over 6-12 months.
  • Asymmetry: Differing levels of scarring, swelling or tissue settling can cause short-term differences.
  • Wound healing issues: Imperfect or widened scarring occurs rarely if stitches pull loose or tension is excessive.
  • Fluid accumulation: Seroma is collection of serous fluid treatable by drainage if causing discomfort.
  • Skin/nipple necrosis: Very rare tissue death requiring debridement and likely delayed healing.

Most complications are minor, temporary and responsive to conservative management under Dr. Rao’s guidance. Reoperations to refine results are very uncommon when performed by a qualified surgeon. Proper technique and compliance with post-op care minimize likelihood of issues arising satisfactorily.

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