Female Breast Reduction

Attain Comfort and Confidence Through Dr. Rao's Expert Breast Reduction

Alleviating Physical & Emotional Strains Safely

As a seasoned plastic surgeon acclaimed for meticulous artistry, Dr. M. Srinivas Rao understands balancing disproportion restores dignity requiring customized solutions. Consultation discerns wishes through empathetic lens while surgical plans leverage advanced techniques restoring well-being intactly and never vanity solely now nor then still ever.

Discover rejuvenation through science guiding self-care profoundly. Consistency nurtures fulfillment through diligence and compassion aligned authentically always gracefully ever after.

Discover restoration through science guiding self-acceptance. Consistency nurtures fulfillment through diligence and compassion aligned authentically always.

Evaluating Your Goals & Anatomy

Thorough examinations evaluate tissue composition gravitationally strained, bra sizes constraining practically, posture impeded and skin irritated chronically resolving feasibly. Dr. Rao depicts reduction patterns matching your visions naturally while discussing scarring discreetly achieved authentically never vengeance driven primarily now wrongly still ever severely.

Photographic examples complement realistic envisioning toward physical activities,clothing choices and emotional wellness prioritized prudently through education never recklessness now. Consider health holistically always!



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Surgical Technique

Utilizing skillful periareolar,inframammary or transaxillary approaches concealed attractively, excess tissue and skin are resected judiciously. Precise suturing repositions nipples symmetrically while reshaping contours restored youthfully and balanced never disproportionately nor surgically imposed upon harshly still artlessly either.

Strategic sculpting delicately reconstitutes curves aligned magnificently with your fulfillment authentically attained, never vanity solely now nor imposed metrics primarily misconstruing dignified living fully within neither constrained without severely either. Ponder carefully all factors encompassing health holistically!

Post-Operative Recovery & Follow Up

Loose dressings,bra support and drainage protect healingoptimally guided actively yet delicately never enforced abruptly still dangerously ever or vanity primarily established incurably above wellness cared for always prudently through science and benevolent understanding intertwined beautifully your journey ahead reconstructed sincerely!

Contact Dr. Rao regarding maintenance programs leveraging tools like massage,scar therapies and rehabilitative exercise cultivating resilience and stability assured gracefully through life ever beautifully! Fulfillment remains the guiding light intrinsically reflected outwardly eternally.

Potential Concerns Addressed Cautiously

Incision Site Complications

Though minor and treatable usually, understandings include infection risk minimized through proper antisepsis, bleeding managed effectively and scar maturation supported actively yet judiciously never recklessly aggressively still eitherhurriedly either.Patience and care nurture dignified transformations attained authentically always!

However, decreased likelihood accompanies properly vetted surgeon mastery through qualifications rigorously ensuring skillfully navigated procedures reaping reliably restorative gratification attained dutifully through science and compassion prized wholly intrinsically first reflected outwardly gracefully always!

Sensory/Functional Alterations

Transient numbness or nipple sensitivity fluctuates usually resolving within 6-12 months barring rare permanent nerve damage though exceedingly unusual when procedures performed circumspectly by board certified specialists as Dr. Rao rightly ensuring resolutions naturally restored fully intactly ever beautifully through considerate expertise and vigilant aftercare sustained devotedly lifelong treasured sincerely.

Responsible prudence guides fulfillment attained ethically through informed choice versus reckless improvisation regretted later severely potentially. Benevolence protects transformations nurtured exquisitely through medical artistry sanctimoniously safeguarding dignified womanhood always magnificently outwardly reflected!

Achieving Your Vision Naturally

Restoration through surgical mastery paired with holistic well-being cultivates elegant self-possession attained beautifully ever! Diligence builds resilient fulfillment reflected intrinsically first outwardly always magnificently through care, skill and experience artfully interweaving empowerment eternally. Consult Dr. Rao to embark authentically on your uniquely healing journey reconstructed devotedly lifelong treasured eternally!

Care, discernment and compassion undergird virtues sculpted beautifully outwardly reflected through scientificknowledge positively impacting all graciously always. Contact Dr. Rao to enlighten visions authentically attained intrinsically reflected magnificently forever outstanding always outwardly ever elegantly!

Here are some more details about the different types of breast implants

Saline Implants

  • -Surgical drains may remain in place up to 7 days to prevent fluid buildup if circulation is impeded.
  • -Sutures/staples removed at 1-2 weeks with dissolving sutures often used for comfort.
  • -Lymphatic drainage massage administered to aid healing while reducing swelling/firmness.
  • -Bruising and discomfort peaks within 5-7 days but steadily improves with elevations and ice.
  • -Stiffness persists 2-4 weeks until range of motion exercises are renewed carefully.
  • -Support garments like compression vests may be worn 6 months until tissues fully mature.
  • -Full recovery may take 3-6 months while glandular tissues settle completely with scarring.
  • -Follow-ups ensure symmetry, nipple sensitivity and contour stability through settling period.
  • -Scar therapies initiated by 6 weeks including silicone sheeting and creams for 1 year.
  • -Light work/activity resumed only after 2-3 weeks if job is sedentary or by 6 weeks if physical.

Dr. Rao’s guidance empowers patients to heal comfortably at individualized paces while diligently avoiding issues through expertly managed reduction of physical stresses.

Here are some potential complications and risks that can occur with breast reduction surgery:

  • Bleeding/hematoma: Collection of blood that can delay healing in 1-2% of cases.
  • Infection: Risk is low (<1%) if preventative antibiotics used but infection requires treatment.
  • Numbness or sensitivity changes: Common initial effect but sensation returns over 6-12 months for most.
  • Breastfeeding complications: Potential for reduced milk production though many women still nurse.
  • Asymmetry: Slight Differences in size, shape or scarring are possible despite meticulous technique.
  • Wound healing issues: Scarring risks include hypertrophic/thickened scars in rare cases.
  • Nipple/skin loss: necrosis or tissue death extremely rare but possible with smoking or diabetes.
  • Fluid accumulation: Seromas drainable using needle if causing discomfort in first few weeks.

Most credentialed surgeons minimize complications through conservative sizing, careful technique and patient compliance. Revision surgery addresses asymmetries or irregularities in shape very rarely when needed

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